Monday, May 23, 2011

A New Beginning

Today I am traveling to Hammond, Illinois to go to the funeral of my great-grandmother. She lived a lengthy life of 106 years. When I first heard of her death, I was glad that she would not be suffering anymore; that her body would no longer be holding her back. But then I began to wonder if she did everything she wanted in life. 106 years is a long time to accomplish a bucket list, but I wonder if she ever thought of things that she had always wanted to do, but never got around to. Although this is way beyond the average life span, I am almost positive that she did not accomplish everything that she wanted.
As I sat along the river in Naperville last weekend, I thought about all that I want to do. I am only 25, but I don’t think I can live my life in a way that always views the later future as being the opportunity for meeting my dreams. Why wouldn’t I start now? I know that my career is not my life (even though it feels like it is), but it has the power to make my life enjoyable or miserable. At this moment I am leaning towards the miserable portion of the spectrum. I have started weighing what would keep me with my career I currently hold, and what would convince me to move towards my passions. There are a lot more items in the “stay in this career” category, however; the reason I want to move to a new career is much weightier than all of the other reasons on the other side. Therefore, I must make a change. This change began last Sunday, and this blog will chronicle my journey to the dream. I am hoping that by publishing these thoughts to the world, I will be held more accountable for my aspirations. Who would want to disappoint the world?